Wellness Express

SAEPA wants to help industry personnel stay healthy and retain their appetite and capacity for rewarding work. Wellness Express is a low-cost primary health care service for the express parcel industry which employees at all levels can afford.


Why it matters to your company

Your people are your biggest asset so it makes sense to help them remain healthy.

Employees don't get sick deliberately  but many just don't have the funds for health care and medication. If they or family members fall ill, they are stuck at home.


Primary Health Care and more

 The Wellness Express clinic is an affordable, first class low-income medical service.  It offers primary health care, occupational health, psychiatry, advanced cardiac life support, advanced paediatric life support, HIV and AIDS management and much more.

 Conveniently situated in Jet Park, the fully equipped clinic is open from 7am to 4pm and no appointment is necessary..

Visits are unlimited and medication is provided - even for chronic conditions. There is access to additional services such as eye testing, emergency stabilisation, family planning, HIV & AIDS treatment embracing anti-retrovirals and nutritional supplements.


Clinic Management

 The clinic is run by Ikhambi Care and staffed by a medical doctor with a general practitioner and dispensing licence, qualified in cardiac and advanced paediatric life support and a registered nurse qualified in occupational health, primary health care, midwifery, general nursing, psychiatry. Both are fully trained in HIV and AIDS management. All patients are seen by the nursing sister who will refer them to the doctor if necessary.


Cover Includes

Primary Health Care as defined by the South African Government.

Standard Eye Testing.
Medical emergencies Stabilisation.
Counselling Services.
Family Planning.
Flu Vaccines.
Occupational Health Services.
Chronic Diseases
Include Asthma, Epilepsy, Hypertension, Diabetes type 11 oral treatment & Cardiac Failure .
HIV & AIDS treatment .

Medications Listed by the South African Governments Essential Drug List.


The member pays only R160 per month all in  and members may add up to 5 dependants at R140 per month each.

Contact: Sharon Somerset  on 011 395 1354 or 083 325 4247 email:sharon@saepa.org.za 



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